WRSPA seeks to enhance the work of wildlife rehabilitation in Pennsylvania through charitable giving and public education


Who are we?
We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization based out of Philadelphia, PA. Our founding members and board of directors are individuals who have dedicated themselves to animal welfare in a variety of ways. We hope our organization can use our collective skills and resources to fundraise and ease the financial burden that is placed on wildlife rehabilitators, as well as educating the public about Pennsylvania wildlife and how to conserve, protect, and provide for the wonderful array of wildlife found in our state!


What do wildlife rehabilitators do?
Wildlife rehabilitators may be employed through a nature center or other organization, while  others work individually out of their homes or create their own rehab facilities. Some rehabilitators take in all species, while others may specialize and dedicate their work to just one species that they are passionate about.

All wildlife rehabilitators take in animals who are orphaned, injured, or sick and provide care and treatment with the goal of returning animals to the wild.


Did you know?
Wildlife rehabilitators are prevented from charging for their services. Many rehabilitators provide help to wildlife at great personal cost–supported mostly by donations and education programs when possible. We encourage the public to donate directly to their local wildlife rehabilitator–especially if you have had the experience of bringing an injured, sick, or orphaned animal to them!

The nature of wildlife rehabilitation work does not always leave a lot of time for the fundraising that is vital to their work– this is where WRSPA comes in!


What will your donation to WRSPA provide?
Donations to WRSPA will be distributed among licensed PA wildlife rehabilitators. Our goal is to ease the financial burden that nearly all rehabilitators face by providing them with funds for the things they need.

The needs of a wildlife rehabilitator can range from formula, medicine and medical supplies, to larger items such as a cage, animal enclosures, or a piece of medical equipment. We would also like to provide funding for rehabbers for things such as continuing education, conference fees, and vital inoculations for volunteers who assist them. We at WRSPA intend to use our resources to fundraise on a larger scale to provide for the folks we think are doing some great work! We hope you will help us help wildlife!